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Dr. Robin Waterbury,DC

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Robin, Lisa and Debi are all awesome. Saved my life. After almost a year of being sick, seeing multiple doctors, Dr. Robin found the root of my misdiagnosed sinusitis, in my neck. She also found some liver problems, and now I am back to living life at 75% and on my way to 100% in a couple of weeks. I owe her more than money could ever buy. I highly recommend her and her team. Debi gives a top notch massage, and Lisa is a miracle worker with the schedule too.

- Windy Castle 8/29/2019

We absolutely appreciate the professionalism and care given my Dr. Robin Waterbury and her staff. The level of attention given to detail has been lost in this day and age. To find such care and help is truly refreshing. My family has benefited tremendously from the care and treatment viewing through Dr. Waterbury's office. 

Terry Spires 7/18/19

My stumbling into Waterbury Chiropractic Wellness was serendipitous. From the moment I walked into the office I knew I was in a very special place. You get a very peaceful feeling in the waiting room as you notice all the special touches of decorations and inspiration signs. All very nice, but then  you see it...THE MASSAGE CHAIR! 15 minutes in the massage chair while you are waiting for your appointment is pretty much Heaven. All that is great, but really meaningless unless you find friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people to help you with whatever your need is.

 In that regard, you will not be disappointed. I have been to many different chiropractors over the last 38 years, and I can tell you that Dr Waterbury is amazing. She is warm and friendly, and relaxes you right away. She spends a good amount of time to address any and all problems you might be experiencing. She uses techniques that gently, yet firmly, get the job done.

 If you need a bit more attention, Lisa will set you up with Electric stimulation therapy in a relaxing room. Really nice and helpful. You can also visit Debi, a very well trained massage therapist, who will massage your cares away. I highly recommend them all! 

Gary C. Kossman  5/13/2019


I would give Dr. Waterbury 10 stars. I consider her to be my primary care physician and a fantastic alternative to my traditional western medicine practitioner. She fixed my uneven hips, and got me on the right track to deal with Sjogrens Syndrome. I have benefited greatly from her expertise in so many areas that go far beyond "just chiropractic" -- qualities and skills I haven't been able to find in a traditional doctor. I don't know what I would do without her! I drive an hour one way from Strasburg, it's well worth it.

C. Herring  3/14/18


Dr. Waterbury personalizes each of her treatments to make sure each patient gets the best care possible. Her and the staff also strives to make the place warm and welcoming each and every time!

Mikayla R.  3/8/18


I love Waterbury Chiropractic!! They offer a variety of therapeutic treatment options for the whole of your being. Wonderful experiences for well being.

Dianne P. 2/28/18


I started working for Dr. Robin 5/2015. About 6 months into working for her I realized the "Other Chiropractor" that I had been seeing for 4 years wasn't concerned about my health. They would just adjust me and send me on my way, still in pain... That's NOT what Dr. Robin does at all! She takes X-Rays, marks and measures them to see what is going on and also sends them out to a very well known Radiologist in Denver for a professional reading. I truly believe that she has that "Healing Touch". Without her I would still be in pain and not know that my right leg is 9mm shorter than the left (which was the cause of my low back / hip pain) and that I can not be adjusted while lying on my left side due to something I was born with. No other Chiropractor that I had been to since the age of 6 ever wanted to get to the "Root Cause" of my pain. Please remember that 15 minute consultations are always free and we welcome you as one of the family...

Hassie Hurst  5/18/2017 - Office Manage for Dr. Robin Waterbury


I've been a patient of Dr. Waterbury for a few years and can't say enough good things about her. She has helped me tremendously with my neck and lower back issues. In addition to the regular adjustments, she's treated me with the Decompression machine and Class IV Laser to relieve pain and increase motion in my neck. Not only is she technically competent and skilled, she has a warm personality and great "bedside manner." I'm a raving fan. Thanks Dr. Waterbury!

Jeff K.  5/3/2017


After spending months of physical therapy under the care of an orthopedic surgeon, I had resigned myself that my shoulders would never be fully functional. A saw a review of Waterbury Chiropractic Wellness and decided to give chiropractic care a shot. Dr. Robin worked patiently with me to return full movement to my shoulders. She additionally identified long standing problems and has helped return me to my activities that I thought I would never be able to engage in again.

Dr. Robin truly listens to what I tell her and questions me to ensure that she understands. She will take the time to explain what is wrong and how the body is supposed to work. I feel that Dr. Robin truly cares about my health and well-being. I agree with others that Dr. Robin Waterbury is very knowledgeable, amazing, and awesome!

Patricia D. 10/30/2016


Dr. Robin is hands down one of the best chiropractors I have ever had. I have been going to her for many years now. She has a natural instinct and love of the business and chiropractic care. She has always been able to fix and treat any issues that have bothered me, and she does them with a smile on her beautiful face. :)

 Robin has seen me grow up and been a wonderful addition to my family. My husband started to see her a couple years ago, and we have also referred her other family and friends who see her now as well.

 She is reasonably priced and well worth the money and time spent! I wouldn't trust my well-being or back to anyone else. Thank you Robin!

Heather V. 4/23/2016


I go every month to keep my back from being in pain . It is wonderful to feel good and not have to be in constant pain! You are awesome!

Alison K. 4/2016


I've known and seen Dr. Robin Waterbury since 2005. Robin is a wonderful woman and chiropractor. I really can't say enough good things about her practice and her as a person. She is VERY knowledgeable and takes a whole body approach to her treatments. Robin always takes her time talking to me and giving me the best adjustments I've ever had. Hassie and Melanie are very sweet and do a wonderful job with keeping the office running smoothly, and Anna gives the most wonderful massages. You will feel like family at this office. Thank you to all of you for everything you have done for me. I will be forever grateful!

Erin C. 3/8/2016


I am a Chiropractor by trade. Therefore I know when a Dr is good. My wife introduced me to Robin. She is very good and ethical and professional. She comes from a family of Chiropractors. Her staff are also very pleasant to work with. I will recommend Waterbury chiropractor s to everyone.

Lance B. 2/16/2016


I have been in extreme pain for more than 15 years. Even though I have 5 surgeries I have very little relief. After my first session with Dr. Robin, my pain was reduced 30 percent. I love her and her staff. They really care and it shows.

Denise H. 2/16/2016


I have been going to Waterbury Chiropractic Wellness for the past months.  I have utilized Dr. Robin's chiropractic services and Anna's massages services.  The health of my back as well as the rest of me has definitely benefited from all the services.  All of the staff is so professional and helpful!  My weekly visits are providing me with added value in my life.  Can not recommend them highly enough.

Dianne P. 2/11/16


We have been going to Dr. Waterbury for years as a family. She has helped me through two (now three) pregnancies and adjusted my children from birth. We feel very comfortable and confident with her! My husband had chronic back issues before seeing her and is now totally free of any back pain. In short, Dr. "Berry" has made me a believer in chiropractics! We recommend her to all of our friends!

Kath J.  2/3/16


What can I say?

Starting corrective treatment with Dr. Waterbury, and staff has been the best decision I've ever made. I had never been to a chiropractor before. So, I did not know what to expect. A very modern, and therapeutic practice. Your wellness is their only priority. For as long as I can remember, I've suffered from neck/upper back pain, and headaches. With the combination of corrective therapy (both in clinic, and simple home exercises), and a cervical pillow to sleep on, I've never felt this good, and been this happy! Nor have I ever slept more comfortably. I was a referral, and I refer everyone in need of an adjustment to WCW! You all are the best! Thank you so much!

Kyle P. 1/18/2016


Dr. Robin is the best! Her concern for each patient is genuine and you know it. I just love coming to Waterbury Chiropractic.

Melanie, the office assistant is marvelous--always so friendly and especially helpful when you need to change an appointment.

Love you both!

Louise K.


My husband and I have been going to Dr. Robin Waterbury for several years now. When we started we were both in pretty rough shape. We were in our late fifties and had physically demanding jobs. The years and jobs had taken their toll and we were in pain constantly. In fact we didn't realize how much pain we were in until the pain was gone. We feel like she has given us our lives back.

My husband had suffered with severe sinus problems for years and was never able to find relief with medical doctors, but Dr. Waterbury has made the problems go away. Not just for a little while but for several years now. I have had two bouts of sciatica, the first one was treated by a medical doctor and physical therapy. This worked but it took a long time. The second time Dr. Waterbury treated me with chiropractic and acupuncture. This worked like a charm and in a lot less time.

Dr. Waterbury sees us as so much more than just patients. She sees us as real people and treats us as such. She is the first one to celebrate when something great happens to us and she is also the first one to cry with us over bad news.

Dr. Waterbury has taken great care to surround herself with a wonderful staff, also. Both of us look forward to seeing Melanie, it doesn't matter if she is checking us in, giving us therapy, or making our next appointment, she does it with professionalism, humor and caring.

We are both grateful to have Dr. Waterbury and her staff in our lives.

Terri and Richard W.


Dr. Robin is a rarity - a doctor who really listens to her patients. By taking the time to listen she helped me solve a problem with my jaws that I've had for years. I now see her for maintenance and couldn't be happier. I can do the things I used to do with a minimum of discomfort. Thank you Dr. Robin!

Alice D.


As an 87 year old senior, wishing to continue with mobility, I am very fortunate to have discovered Waterbury Chiropractic Wellness Center. Robin Waterbury is most professional and knowledgeable. She has improved my mobility by correcting problems incurred by walking on a shorter leg for 40 years. This involved a rib that was out of place, curving of the spine, lower back problems and continuous neck pain.

I was never advised to seek chiropractic help. I visited several doctors who offered no advice. Finally, the last one I visited said he could find nothing wrong but a "big" muscle. He sent me to have therapy, which improved the pain to some degree. Then a friend recommended Robin, who has kept things in check and I am a "Happy Mover".

Shirley J.


I have been a patient of Dr. Waterbury's for over 3 years and I cannot begin to tell you what a positive difference she has made in my life! She has helped me tremendously! I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great chiropractor. The staff at the office are so friendly and caring! I love going there for my appointments, I know I will receive excellent care and leave feeling wonderful!

Michelle H.


My family really enjoys visiting Dr. Waterbury!! From the minute you enter you feel completely welcome, office is always clean, and Melanie is always friendly and helpful! My two girls always feel very comfortable and look forward to their adjustments! Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for a chiropractor.

BrookeLynn R.


I have been going to Dr. Waterbury since before she opened this practice, and I wouldn't dream of going to anyone else for my chiropractic care. The office is warm and inviting. The staff is friendly and makes you feel like part of the family. As a whole, the practice provides a comfortable, caring atmosphere that is conducive to healing.

Michelle A.


Sweet Dr. Berry! Thank you for your gentle guidance and healing touch! When I was pregnant with Kaylee, I think you saved my sanity six hundred times and at least a thousand times since then! I appreciate and admire the love you have for your family and patients! Thank you for giving yourself so fully to all that you do!!

Kathy J.

Dr. Robin is hands down one of the best chiropractors I have ever had. I have been going to her for many years now. She has a natural instinct and love of the business and chiropractic care. She has always been able to fix and treat any issues that have bothered me, and she does them with a smile on her beautiful face. :) Robin has seen me grow up and been a wonderful addition to my family. My husband started to see her a couple years ago, and we have also referred her other family and friends who see her now as well. She is reasonably priced and well worth the money and time spent! I wouldn't trust my well-being to anyone else. Thank you Robin!

Heather R.

Robin is a great chiropractor and I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking to live a better lifestyle. She can help you with many aspects of your physical wellness plans and she does this in a very caring and fun-loving way.

Chris B.

I became a patient of Dr. Waterbury after having been in a car accident in 2006. Since that time she has also helped me with various other issues as they have occurred. Dr. Waterbury is very personable. She truly cares about her patients. I appreciate the fact that she always takes time to listen to my concerns regarding my health and offer advice. It is always a pleasure to go to Dr. Waterbury's office. Her assistant Melanie is awesome and Anna, the massage therapist, is wonderful.

Karen B.


Anna, the massage therapist at Waterbury, is attentive, knowledgeable, responsive, and very skilled. She helped me with some soft-tissue issues in my shoulder. After my massage, I felt super relaxed, and my shoulder felt great! The facility is cozy and welcoming and all the staff are very friendly. Can't ask for much more!

Libby F.

Best therapeutic massage I have ever had. Great value for good results.

Jonathan N.


I've been a client of Dr. Waterbury or "Dr. Robin" as I like to call her, for the past two years. Let me start by saying that I've been treated by many chiropractors over the past 16 years in different cites I've lived across the country. There is only one other chiropractor (located in Colorado Springs) that I've enjoyed working with as much. There are many reasons for this, especially the quality of care I've received. Dr. Robin has customized an effective program to treat my neck and lower back pain. In addition to the adjustments in her office, she helped me craft an exercise program to strengthen and stretch my neck and lower back at home. This has been a life saver. She also educated me (and continues to educate me) on my diet and nutrition, including supplements, in order to lose weight (body fat) and increase my energy. This has made a huge difference in my life as well. From my perspective, she is a holistic doctor and healer. On top of all of this, Dr. Robin is very kind, genuine, funny, and easy to get along with. She has great communication and interpersonal skills and understands people. I actually look forward to our conversations about life, family, etc. as much as I look forward to the chiropractic care. As one of my friends like to say, she is "good people" or "salt of the earth." In many ways I consider her a friend as well as my doctor. She is the kind of person I would invite over for dinner at my house or hang out with outside the office. In short, she is a phenomenal doctor and wonderful human being.

Jeff K.

Anna is a compassionate massage therapist. She listens to what you are feeling and gives a massage tailored to your needs. Thank you, Anna for your healing touch.

Elaine F.


I started seeing Dr. Robin when I still lived in NM. My mother and sister had me see her and I am so glad I did, she has changed my life. Whenever I would come to see my mother, she would make an appointment for me. Her knowledge and compassion are remarkable. I sleep better and stand taller now!!

Melanie D.

Dr. Waterbury is the BEST chiropractor in all of Longmont, CO!!! I highly recommend her services, along with the friendly staff to anyone in or around the area, you will not regret it!! Thank you again for all that you guys do! :-)

Ali I.


I have been seeing Dr. Waterbury since early 2010. I sought out chiropractic care at that time because I had a leg injury that was interfering with my work. I also had chronic back problems that would leave me literally lying on the floor in a heap of pain. Dr. Waterbury is very personable and has always made me feel comfortable. I trust her level of expertise and am constantly learning new things from her. I have a rigorous job that leaves me with aches and pains, but I go get adjusted and feel relief every time. I am especially glad to not go through the terrible back pain that I once expected regularly. Regular chiropractic care has improved my quality of life and made me a healthier person.

Melvin J.