Massage Therapy

Patients come to Waterbury Chiropractic Wellness in Longmont from surrounding communities such as Lyons, Loveland, Hygiene, Boulder, Berthoud, Mead, Firestone, Frederick, Lafayette, Louisville, Gunbarrel, Ft. Collins and all over Colorado in order to receive Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy.

The Massage Therapist at Waterbury Chiropractic Wellness uses a variety of techniques to fully address each client need. Whether you come in for deep tissue work, pain management, myofascial release, foot massage, Swedish, sports massage, range of motion, trigger point release, neuromuscular release, or just deep relaxation, your massage session will be tailored to your needs.  

Some of the well-known benefits of massage with a skilled massage therapist include pain relief, stress reduction, inflammation reduction, improved flexibility, stimulation of the lymphatic system which can help eliminate toxins and improve immune function, as well as being a complimentary tool to chiropractic care.  

At Waterbury Chiropractic Wellness, your massage therapist will be in communication with your chiropractor, and they will work together to help you live your healthiest life. Unlike other independent spa’s or massage therapists, you can rest assured that your massage therapist will be working in collaboration with your overall health goals and treatment plan, and you will leave each massage with aftercare recommendations and follow-up suggestions.