Getting to Know your Massage Therapist

Get to know your Massage Therapist: Debi Haney


What lead you to choose massage therapy as your field of healing?  

When I was young and asked what super power I would choose, I said I wish I had the power to hug people and make them feel better instantly. Massage therapy as a career is the closest thing to that super power, I can help people feel better: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  

What conditions do you look forward to helping patients with most? (What issues is massage highly effective in treating?)  

Massage is highly effective in healing an incredible amount of conditions. In my opinion massage is one of the oldest, most innate forms of self-care. When a human feels pain they immediately rub the area, or if a child is sick or feels bad for some reason a loved one rubs their back to soothe. I love treating all patients, whether there is a specific injury or if someone is just having a hard time sleeping due to stress. I put everything I can into each session to make a patient feel better than they did when they came in.


How do you see massage fitting in to preventive care? (Do people need to wait until there is something wrong to see you?)

Massage therapy is extremely important for preventative care. Pain is not normal, and massage helps increase range of motion and circulation, by doing this it keeps people moving and therefore out of pain. Massage also helps your nervous system recover from stress and anxiety, promoting healthier sleep patterns. The benefits of massage are cumulative. I like to educate my patients that getting regular massage is like going to the gym - if you only go once every 6 months you will feel good after, but you won’t see long-term results. By receiving massage regularly, you can keep yourself out of pain down the road.


What is your favorite music for while someone is on your table?  

I like to listen to spa music while I am working, it is relaxing and soothing. However, I can massage to literally anything! If there is any other kind of music or podcast or audiobook that my client relaxes best to, I urge them to let me know and I can plug it in or change the pandora station just for them.


When you are not in the clinic, what are your favorite things to be doing?  

I love to golf, knit, and play with my kitties!

Tell us something random and interesting that a client would never learn on your table.  

I was a competitive cheerleader from 3rd grade through college and won three National Championships.