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Your resource to Vitamins, Medications, Medication, Herb and Vitamin interactions, Nutritonal Information.

Want to know more about the nutrition in your food, need more D, Calcium or C in your diet? Want to know side effects of medications, what medications not to take together, or what vitamins react or lessen the strength of your medication? Go the the link listed just below.


This link will take you to the following resources.

  • National Vaccine Information Center - This website was created to provide you with the information you need to make an informed vaccination decision. Herbal Remedies A-Z Herbal Remedies A-Z - A complete alphabetical list of every herb including Botany, Helpful For, Traditional Use, How It Works, Amount To Take, Side Effects and Interactions.
    Health Conditions Health Conditions - A complete alphabetical list of every health condition, including About, Product Ratings, Symptoms, Dietary Changes, Lifestyle Changes, Other Therapies, Vitamins, Herbs, Holistic Options, and References. Using Medicines with Vitamins and Herbs - A complete alphabetical list of every medication and it's interaction with every vitamin and herb.
    Medicines A-Z Medicines A-Z - A complete alphabetical list of every Medicine including Introduction, Interactions Summary, Herb Interactions, Food Interactions, and References. Homeopathy by Health Condition Homeopathy by Health Condition
     -  A complete alphabetical listing of every health condition and it's homeopathic remedy including Introduction, Remedy Options, and Amount to Take.
    Vitamin Guide A-Z - A complete alphabetical list of every vitamin including Introduction , Where Found, Helpful For, Are You Deficient ?, Amount to Take, Side Effects and Interactions, and, References. Food Guide Food Guide A-Z -  A complete alphabetical listing of every food including Preparation Tips, Buying and Storing, Varieties, and Nutritional Highlights.
    Weston Price - Learn more about the foods that support radiant health for your family.
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